2021: Binding contract / Terms Of Service

Booths of minimum 2 meters size can be booked by companies or private persons using the online registration:
A juridically binding agreement about participation on the fair is made once the exhibitor has send or submitted the filled form and has received a confirmation email regarding participation. Please read carefully below about "cancellation of participation".
Pricing 2021: Price per table meter: EUR 112,00 + VAT (Registered EU companies will not be charged VAT).

Tables are 2 x 1 meters and it is only possible to register even number of metres. Example! 2 meter table: EUR 112,-  4 meter table: EUR 224,-  6 meter table 336,00 and so on. For more than 20 meters please contact us before registering.

Cancellation of participation - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):
  • In case of Covid-19 causing cancellation of the show or preventing exhibitors* from participating any paid fee will be refunded (minus transaction costs).
  • If you choose to cancel your participation no later than 60 days before the show starts, you will be charged nothing.
  • By cancelling 60 to 30 days before the show start you will be charged 50% of your total rent.
  • By cancelling your participation less than 30 days before the show the full amount shall be paid.
  • If the above terms are not met the exhibitor will not be able to participate in future Copenhagen Gem and Mineral show - Nordisk Stenmesse Aarup - Aarhus Sten- og Smykkemesse and Sønderjyske Sten- og Smykkemesse. We will reserve the right to inform any international show about the breach of contract.

*Prevented by legal authorities/closed borders

The contract gives the exhibitor the right to:
Sale of rocks, minerals , fossils, (stone)gifts, grinding machines, accessories and other items that may be perceived as belonging to these categories.
Stand construction consists of tables at 2x1 meter. At least one accessible power outlet (within max. 15 m ). Power consumption (Max. 60w per meter table, alternatively use LED lights for better lightning).

Exhibitor is responsible for the following:
Lamps and extension power cord. Placing the delivered company name and booth number where people can see it. The floor of the hall must not be damaged . Please avoid pulling and pushing boxes, etc. across the floor. Use cart instead, any damage must be reported to the organizer immediately.

Floorplan, the location of the exhibitors will be available online before the show and will be at all entrance doors on the days of booth setup.
Changes in table setup, workshop or demonstrations can only be allowed after consultation with the organizer, but we very much welcome creative ideas (Please contact us by email). We try to create the best opportunities for all exhibitors and we are open to suggestions and ideas for change, but no exhibitor must expect that any last minute here- and- now changes can be implemented.

No dismantling of the stand before 17:00 Sunday. This is extremely important as visitors pay admission fees and the quality of the show must be optimal from start to finish.
The organizer is responsible for night watch. Dealers are responsible for their own estate, goods and exhibits during the fair.
  • Invoices will be sent by E-mail mid July.
  • Payment of booth no later than 9th of August 2021.
  • Friday 10th of September 10.00 - 24.00: Setting up booth/stand.
  • Saturday 11th of September 7.00-9.45: Setting up booth/stand.
  • Saturday 9.45: Exhibitors meet at the kids area and wish each other a good show.
  • Saturday 18.15: Exhibitors meet at the kids area and enjoy a soft drink or a glass of wine.
  • Saturday approx. 19.00: Dinner for the exhibitors who signed up for this.
  • Sunday 12th of September Kl. 23.00: Everyone should now be done packing.
  • The show is open Saturday from 10.00  to 18.00 and Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00

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