"Non EU citizens requiring a VISA to stay in Denmark and other Schengen countries can have our company issuing a business VISA invitation. The invitation consists of a invitation letter that confirms your participation at the show and a code you give at the Danish embassy where you apply for a VISA. If you already have a Schengen visa (f.ex. issued at the German embassy) valid for the period you want to stay in Denmark this can also be used."

Visa invitation

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Are you not a European (EU) citizen you will need a VISA invitation to be able to apply for a VISA. Doing the visa invitations is time consuming for us so please fill out the forms 100% correct. The price for a VISA invitation is EURO 50.00, the cost is deducted from the booth/table fee but is not refundable.

Remember to submit a seperate form for all company employees needing a Visa invitation.  Visa invitations are digital, meaning we will get back to you with a code you you  provide at the embassy/consul.

Check the box to agree to the 50 EURO cost. When you have given all info and clicked SUBMIT at the end of page you will be taken to Paypal to make the payment.*

Information concerning the visa applicant – the person requiring the visa.


Information concerning the applicant’s company.

Company name:*
Company website:*
Company address:*
Company E-mail:*
Company phone:*
In which branch of the company is the applicant employed and in which capability?:*
When is the applicant to arrive?:*
When is the applicant to depart?:*
Where will the applicant be staying during the visit?*
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