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Before registering please read the contract. Keep in mind that registering is a binding agreement that should be honoured by both parties to the benefit of all exhibitors [LINK]

Exhibitor dinner

Enjoy a good meal among nice collegues, don't miss out on the Saturday evening exhibitor dinner [LINK]

Visa invitation

Exhibitors from non EU countries should have a VISA to enter Denmark. If you already have a Schengen VISA (valid in all EU countries) you are OK, else head to the Visa invitation site [LINK]

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If you have ANY questions regarding the show please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please use the form at the linked page to send us an email. We will be looking forward to hear from you [LINK]


Where will you be staying during your visit in Copenhagen? We have some suggestions [LINK]

Why you should exhibit here

THE Scandinavian show

The Copenhagen Gem & Mineral show has since it's start just four years ago become THE show in Scandinavia. A new show with a friendly atmosphere and organisers that listens to the exhibitors wishes and suggestions.

As our many loyal exhibitors can tell we have seen a steady growth in visitor numbers each year and we carefully expand the show each year based on this growth. Last year we moved to a bigger venue and can now hold up to 150 exhibitors, when the time is right. For 2018 we plan to expand to approx. 100 exhibitors.

Both retail and wholesale
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Exhibitor Testimonials

Best sale ever!

At the new show venue in 2017 I was so busy that already Saturday I had sold way more than the show the year before.
I really was impressed that there was so many people and this really looks good for future shows at the new place, certainly the best show in Scandinavia.
"Danish exhibitor"

The Danish people loves my stuff!

I have participated in the Copenhagen show for the past three years and the two show days have been so extremely busy and the Danish people so positive that I have reserved space for next years show already.
"German exhibitor"

The Copenhagen show through the years

September 2018


We are getting ready for the second year in Rødovrehallen with room for around 100 exhibitors this year. We expect even more visitors (3000-4000?) this year as the feedback we have got from last year has been VERY positive.
  • xx exhibitors
  • xxxx visitors (and xxx+ who visited both days)

September 2018

September 2017


First year the show was held at the new bigger venue in Rødovre. Finally we could fit all exhibitors in the same space.
  • 85 exhibitors
  • 2640 visitors (and 200+ who visited both days)

September 2016


Third and last year the show was held at the Gladsaxe venue in one hall + the foyeer. This was the year we simplified the tickets and made all valid for both days leading to extra visitors on Sunday.
  • 65 exhibitors
  • 2100 visitors (and 150+ who visited both days)

September 2016

September 2015


Second year was held at the Gladsaxe venue in one hall + the foyeer.
  • 60 exhibitors
  • 1920 visitors

September 2014


First year the show was held at the Gladsaxe venue in one hall.
  • 39 exhibitors
  • 1220 visitors

September 2014

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Copenhagen Gem & Mineral show
Venue: Rødovrehallen
Rødovreparkvej 425
2610 Rødovre

Office address:
Noerregade 18B
3300 Frederiksvaerk

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